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In NES Remix, there are 21 different controllers, and one player can own two controllers at a time. In Super NES Remix,
there are 24 different controllers and up to two player. However, the arcade port uses three different controllers.
Console options include: gamepad, gamepad 2-4, and micro. The micro controller uses a GameBoy style cartridge but
instead of buttons, there is a tilt sensor.
Gamepad.Gamepad button layout is similar to that of the Nintendo Entertainment System and does not have the
long-beveled edges of the Super NES. Instead of having a bevel on the edge, the controller has a flat edge.
Gamepad 2-4.Gamepad 2-4 button layout is identical to the N64 controller. Controller 2-4 contains four buttons.
A button is used to change controllers. A button that controls a pause function has been added. The N64 Controller
also has two shoulder buttons, which are not present in the NES Gamepad.
Micro.Micro Controller is similar to that of the Nintendo 64. It has a long beveled edge on the bottom and does not
have shoulder buttons.
Driving games are designed to be played on a driving simulator, and include driving wheels. Players control the
car’s speed, steering, and braking.
Other games include: Top Stages, Poker, Pool, Bowling, and golf. After finishing a racing game, players can
choose to rate their driving. Players can choose from five grades (H, B, C, D, or F). The player’s rating is
displayed to other players.
Tuning Up.Hearts and Karts is a standalone game that is designed to test the player’s ability to get their
stages as low as possible. The game uses a set of gray tiles and the player’s starting stage. The game provides
four difficulty levels, with the more difficult levels containing higher-numbered tiles. After the player completes
a stage, they can choose to tune up. The tuner allows the player to start over, with the game starting at a stage
higher than the player’s stage. The tuner also allows the player to win the game.
Cheating.In the console version, players can cheat during the racing games. This allows players to use the
same car throughout racing games on that track. After completing the game

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