Imagine the situation… you have to take a ten minute break away from your computer, but you don’t want to have to switch it off and then back on. But what’s to say that somebody can come along and fiddle around with your desktop – they might just end up deleting last month’s reports «by accident»!
The SysLock application wil safely lock your computer with only a double click on the icon.
NOTE: Under Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista, the password will be the same as your logon password.


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Download ——— DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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SysLock Serial Number Full Torrent Free Download PC/Windows

Protect your system from malicious code by locking your system. This is a generic lock that provides the highest level of security for your PC.

The most common way to use SysLock is from the icon in the system tray.

The SysLock application will lock your computer in 10 minutes. You can then safely walk away from your PC and leave it unattended. When you are ready to return, just double click on the SysLock icon in the system tray to open the application again.

Now that you’ve installed SysLock, you can now see it’s icon in the system tray.

To Lock your PC, just right click the icon in the system tray and select ‘Lock’.

As you can see, SysLock is a small and unobtrusive application that works perfectly well.

If you’d like to use SysLock with multiple users then you can create several separate SysLock icons in the system tray.

Now any user can lock their PC and walk away from their computer. When they return, they just click the SysLock icon they want to unlock their computer and it will unlock itself.

NOTE: To create more SysLock icons in the system tray, go to «Start» and select «Run» (or «search») and type in «msconfig». This will open up the «system configuration» window. Then just drag the SysLock icon onto the SysTray area (usually near the clock). You can remove SysLock by dragging it back into the «Start» area and dropping it into the SysTray.

Also, if you are using XP or Vista, you may want to check out the SysLock application which can be downloaded for free from here:

Simply click «Download Free SysLock» and it will download the application. For more info, read the readme included with the download. FILED

What’s New in the?

SysLock works with all Windows versions; from Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Windows 7 users can safely use the Lock Screen feature without the need for additional software.


1. Start SysLock and enter the «System Lock Password».
2. The application will lock the machine after ten minutes. After that it will display a password hint (in a readable form) on the desktop.
3. Double click on the SysLock icon on your desktop to unlock the computer.


SystemLock Windows 2000 User Guide

At the top of the screen a message is displayed and a window is left where you can type the password. The tip is displayed in the password window.

Solve the new problem of having a thousand PCs connected to a network.

Microsoft’s recommendation is to have one computer to host the administrator’s machine – that’s right, one computer! This computer is called the «Domain Controller». In short, this computer can only host the Domain Controller, it can’t do much else. Any other machines should be referred to as «Member Machines». This scenario will be explained in great detail.

If the Domain Controller is connected to a network it can be accessed by all computers connected to the network. It can be accessed by any computer by using the «ipconfig /all» command, or it can be accessed by all computers by using a special program called «AWE». The Windows-only program «AWE» is free to download from Microsoft’s web site.


AWE (Advanced Windows Explorer) is a tool for viewing and changing configuration information about the computer on a network. You can use it to install programs, administer local users, and manage logon servers, for example. If a computer is not already connected to a domain network, you can use AWE to join it to the domain.

You can use AWE to access computers that are connected to the same domain. This works well for computer administrators, who can access all the computers that are connected to the domain, one of which is the domain controller. Administrators can move files between computers, or copy and modify computer configurations, for example.

AWE can also be used to access computers that are not connected to the same domain. If a computer that is not already connected to a domain is connected to a computer that is already connected to a domain, you can use AWE to access the disconnected computer.

To use AWE, you must have a current version of the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system on your computer. If your computer is not running Windows NT Server, you must download AWE from Microsoft’s web site. For Windows NT Server 2003, you can download AWE from Microsoft’s web site or install it from the CD.

To get started, you must install AWE to a folder on your

System Requirements For SysLock:

-Vita Model: 1.0.0. (Final)
-CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6002U @ 1.83GHz
-RAM: 4.0 GB
-OS: Windows 10
*This application is free to download for a limited time.
**Application might not run on devices with Intel Atom CPU.
**Suspension/Haptic feedback may be enabled or disabled via Options screen.
**The game is tested on