We can all agree that Windows 8, although highly praised by many computer gurus worldwide, was overall a huge disappointment for many Microsoft fans, especially since they overcomplicated things with that awful metro interface.
One of the most annoying things was that every time you'd boot into your operating system you'd be greeted by the metro interface instead of the classic desktop you've grown accustomed to. However, things didn't need to stay like that, so helpful tools like Skip Metro Suite were developed.
Skips the metro thingy
The name of the application is itself a statement, as it clearly indicates the purpose of the program so that there's no room for interpretation. This tool was conceived with a simple aim: to help users skip the metro suite and go straight to their traditional desktop.
All you have to do in order to work its magic is launch the app, tick the "Enable Skip Metro Suite" checkbox at the top of the screen and then customize your experience as you like by skipping the start screen and go directly to the classic desktop, remove hot corners or all of the above in any combination.
Portable tool
Another important thing that needs to be said about Skip Metro Suite is that it requires no installation on the target computer. All that needs to be done is unpack the archive, navigate to the folder you need according to your operating system's architecture and launch the executable.
More so, you can even run it from removable storage media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs and SSDs without fearing that it might tamper with your stuff or even creating additional files or folders on your computer. Reverting the tweaks can be easily done by unticking the checkboxes and hitting the "Save Settings" button.
Simple tool to skip the metro suite in Windows 8
In conclusion, if you still use Windows 8 for some reason and would love getting rid of the annoying metro suite at startup and deactivate some of the hot corners as well, Skip Metro Suite is one of your safest bets. It comes with a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls and doesn't require installation on the target PC.







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Skip Metro Suite is a tool that lets you instantly skip the metro interface and boot to the classic desktop.
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Skip Metro Suite is a free tool that allows you to skip the Microsoft's new Microsoft Windows 8 Start Screen. A fast and powerful utility, Skip Metro Suite runs in the background, thus not requiring any restarting of the operating system. It is compatible with all versions of Windows 8, and comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
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System Requirements For Skip Metro Suite:

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Known Issues:
There are no known issues with the game.
Game Setup
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Game Play