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Create and manage accounts for the Internet and other programs.
Protect your passwords and other information with a strong encryption system.
Create accounts from various apps, like KeePass, LastPass, Norton Identity Safe, and Sisma.
Export accounts into HTML, CSV and XML file formats.
Sisma is a powerful, easy-to-use, and lightweight password manager for Windows that allows you to create accounts and passwords, and stores them safely using a strong encryption algorithm.
Key Features:
Create passwords with the text generator
Protect accounts with a master password
Export and share password information
Keep private and third-party information in one place
Sismapro protects your sensitive data and provides you with the highest level of security.
As a standalone application, Sismapro can directly access your password safe files and then synchronize the encrypted passwords to your portable drive.
How to install Sisma –
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Sisma is the latest and totally free version of the program which comes in handy in case of lost or stolen information. It is one of the top-rated free programs that can be easily used with Windows operating systems.
Why you need Sisma
1. Create secure accounts for your PC, Android and iOS devices.
2. Keep private and third-party information in one place
3. Keep all your passwords safe in one place.
4. Keep your most important passwords safe and secure.
5. Create a secure password by using a random password generator.
If you use more than one computer, you can move the password details to another PC.
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Portable Sisma Crack Free License Key [Mac/Win] (April-2022)

Securely store your account information in multiple databases on multiple USB drives
With Portable Sisma Download With Full Crack, you can create multiple databases and open and close them as much as you like without having to log off Windows. The program integrates with KeePass, a universal password manager that includes an encrypted XML database.
New databases can be created with fields for username, password, expiration date, title, notes, and web address. When an account is created, its general settings are displayed.
You can arrange your entries in the order you want by dragging and dropping them. With Portable Sisma you can import CSV lists from various apps, such as KeePass. You can also export all your databases to HTML, CSV, and XML files.
Supported platforms:
Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.8.x (32-bit & 64-bit)
Linux Mint 18 (64-bit)
File size:
3.5 MB

Portable Sisma is a comprehensive and intuitive application designed to help create, organize and manage various types of authentication details from websites, software and other programs that require login information.
Thanks to its portability it can be dropped to multiple external drives and run from any Windows-based computer. It keeps all the accounts details and passwords in a secure database, which uses a strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard cipher.
Minimalist and clean layout
The program is wrapped in a well-organized and user-friendly interface providing a tree structure and search function on the left side of the panel, and individual information for each selected item on the right part. It also features a powerful random password generator which produces alphanumeric and pronounceable keys.
Create and handle entries and arrange them in groups
When it is started for the first time, you can choose if you want to create a new database or open an existing one. For the first option, you have to input a master password. Make sure you remember it as you need it to access the tool.
New accounts can be filled with fields, such as title, username and password, expiration time, the corresponding web address, additional notes, along with custom properties. Portable Sisma lets you generate a random alphanumeric key that can contain upper and lower cases, symbols or digits, as well as set the desired length.
Load stored records from various apps and configure general settings
A useful feature is the ability to import CSV

Portable Sisma

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Tremendously, and we mean that in the good way. From now on, even if you do not want to maintain a Windows-based computer, you can get the latest information from any computer. Portable Sisma, a Windows portable application, is like a (virtual) folder that you can move from one PC to the other, like Dropbox. This means you can keep the application inside your USB drive, and it will work as a portable.With the name of the program itself, you know that this product is not a mere information management tool that gathers data from different places, stores it and uses it later. You will find here the type of program that lets you get the latest passwords from popular websites, as well as keep passwords and user names, create new entries, arrange them in groups and keep them organized. And of course, you can keep any data you need secure, thanks to its AES cipher system.
More specifically, you can easily create entries for online accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, PayPal and others, using a password or a pattern. For that, this program works just like a password manager or offline password vault. A program that offers you to create an encrypted database of information, which is called Portable Sisma. This portable app comes with a useful search function that you can use to find the information you need, whenever and wherever it is.
The program’s pages are well-organised. You will find a list of the entries at the left, and the list of the details for each selected item on the right. An unusual feature is the possibility to keep a screen capture of the selected record. The settings page allows you to choose if you want the application to run automatically when Windows starts up, or to keep it minimized to the system tray. If multiple entries are created, you can also use the search feature to find a specific one.
You can also share information with others, or arrange it in groups. The program’s settings page includes the fields that you can save for different entries, and other general settings that you can adjust. Other useful features include the option to copy text from the clipboard and play a sound when this information is needed, as well as the option to open entries and views at startup.
You can use Portable Sisma as a portable app, but you can also save its data to USB drives. This means you can move the tool to any computer that uses the same

What’s New In?

Password Safe is a powerful and easy-to-use password manager that helps you manage all your passwords and login details. It stores all your login details in a safe and encrypted file that you can access from any computer. No access to the database is needed. It is entirely portable and runs without installation.
Password Safe Overview:
No account details are saved on the computer. It securely stores login data and other information in a file. It is encrypted with strong AES encryption which is up to 256-bit. There is no other software required to run it. It’s completely portable.
Create, manage and copy information automatically
The information you’re about to enter should be saved separately for each login. You can save information manually or let Password Safe save them automatically when you enter the details. Password Safe stores information in encrypted plain text files. You don’t need to keep the database open in order to make changes. It can display passwords as a plain text to edit. You can also copy information from different apps and clipboard into the Database. It has a comprehensive user interface with search function. Just type what you’re looking for in the search box.
Password Safe Features:
• Easy to use: No complex passwords or credentials to memorize. Password Safe can remember all your login details. Your password is mapped to a single key for easy access. You can also opt to have your password key be shared with other apps.
• Private information: All your passwords, encryption keys and other sensitive data are stored in an encrypted AES-256-bit file and never exposed to anyone.
• Completely portable: you can take Password Safe with you on any computer with no extra software required. It is completely portable.
• Backed by industry experts: Password Safe is designed by a trusted security team.
• User defined categories: You can create as many categories as you wish, to store passwords with different names and titles.
• Create custom fields: You can add as many fields as you wish, to store information like username, password and notes.
• Edit passwords easily: You can edit the passwords as you like. You can display passwords as a plain text.
• Password Safe is completely free.
• Single user license
• Unlimited categories
• 50 characters and 20 symbols, and you can also define custom passwords
• Multi-language (English, Chinese, French, German)
• Accessibility options
• Supports the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian,

System Requirements For Portable Sisma:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card with at least 1 GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card with volume control
Additional Notes: The game requires at least 256MB VRAM. Running a shader in a multiplayer game will use additional VR