Even if launching an app or file may seem like a trivial, and simple task, finding it in a crowded workspace easily becomes frustrating, and you can only store so many items on the taskbar. Luckily, developers came out with solutions in the form of programs like PointNLaunch, with which to create invisible shortcuts for files which appear only when you need them to.
Quickly launch apps and web pages
The first time you run the application, you’re asked whether or not to jump directly into the configuration panel, and it’s best to do so, because there’s no corresponding tray icon, and you don’t know how to bring up the launcher otherwise.
You get to configure shortcuts for nearly anything on your computer, and even online locations. All icons are stored in a dial order, and even website icons are grabbed, so you know exactly where to point your cursor to in order to launch a specific online, or offline service. In addition, you can force the application to display app name on mouseover, for more info.
A small number of item slots
Unfortunately, the number of items you can add is limited, and there’s not even the possibility to create a second menu, or run the application again for a different instance. As such, you need to decide on a total number of eight slots to fill in with a combination of shortcuts and web pages, which is a little disappointing.
Adding an item isn’t done through drag and drop, but through the settings panel, editing one of the available slots. You can use a browse dialog to select an offline location, or write down the URL in a dedicated field. There’s also the possibility to edit name, arguments, and add a custom icon.
The launcher is brought up with the help of the mouse. By default, pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time is the trigger, but you can also set it to launch with the middle mouse button, or one of special buttons in case you’re using a mouse with more controls.
To sum it up
Bottom line is that PointNLaunch comes in handy for keeping your desktop a clean place, but only if you don’t depend on a large variety of programs or web pages in your daily routine. On the other hand, it can be used as a secret place to launch specific documents or apps, but the limited space, and number of launchers leave a bit more to be desired.







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How to Automatically Run Apps in Windows, Using the Windows Task Scheduler

Windows software

You won’t know for sure until you try to do something, but first, you need to know how to use any major function of your computer. With the help of PointNLaunch, you can quickly launch programs and web pages while you’re logged in to Windows with the help of a cool program, ready to take on the job of your own secret assistant.
PointNLaunch is a free utility that allows you to create, edit and manage shortcuts to most, if not all, of your computer’s programs, as well as to online content. There are several cool features in this program, all of which are very useful, including the ability to create an unlimited number of folders to organize shortcuts.
Those looking to learn more about PointNLaunch should know that it has a built-in configurator that enables them to access all shortcuts created by the application. They can also set up items to be launched for various states in Windows, including up, down, hot and cold. You can also create an unlimited number of shortcuts that can be arranged in order of launch. This means that if you want to launch a series of items, simply create a group of shortcuts in PointNLaunch, and then drag them all to the folder they belong to. You can even drag and drop from one group to another.
You can also set items to be launched when you’re at the Windows desktop, as well as when you are in a specific window. You can even have items start the Windows default app, or the one you actually want to use. You can also set the program to run at specific points in the Windows operating system, including when you are logged in, after you’ve logged out, or when you’ve logged in, but minimized.
When you launch PointNLaunch, you’re first asked whether or not you want to perform a quick initial configuration. If you agree, the configurator allows you to view each shortcut and edit any information. You can set the location, name, arguments and even icon of each item.

How to Create and Use an App in Windows. The Problem:

You can either search for a program using the Start Menu, use the shortcut on your desktop or taskbar, or bring up the Start Screen. That said, you may have a problem when trying to use a program that is in the

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Convenience is the key to everything, but sometimes the need to simply hide or make something appear can make it hard to find. Well, PointNLaunch Crack takes all of that and makes it simple, with a design that is absolutely killer. Simply click a folder or file and PointNLaunch will be right there. You have your choice of then launching the shortcut from the tool bar with a single click or from the tray.
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Points of Interest

Points of Interest

1] You can find an extremely simple way to launch apps and files in the form of PointNLaunch. Take a look at the video.

2] There are several different ways to configure PointNLaunch, the most noteworthy of which are listed in the following image.

3] PointNLaunch is brought up with the help of the mouse. By default, clicking the left and right mouse buttons at the same time is the trigger, but you can also set it to launch with the middle mouse button, or one of special buttons in case you’re using a mouse with more controls.

4] By default, the launcher is brought up with the help of the mouse. PointNLaunch comes with a very simple interface which can be seen in the image below. You have your choice of then launching the shortcut from the tool bar with a single click or from the tray.

5] You can also add different programs from the Google Play Store to the launcher. Simply open the setting and add the program name.

6] Once you’ve added a program, press the button to the left of the name and then click the small down arrow on the right to get the browsing option.

7] You can select an offline location or writing it down in the dedicated textfield.

8] You can also choose to name the shortcut, and add a custom icon. This lets you preview the shortcut on your desktop.

9] Once that’s done, press the “Save Shortcut” button to save the program.

10] You can also drag and drop programs to the launcher. Press the menu button, and open the “Drag To” option, and select “Launcher”.

11] You can set the shortcut to be hidden until your mouse is over it. To do so, press

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PointNLaunch is a powerful application launcher that brings context menus to the right click of your mouse, enabling you to create keyboard shortcuts, add local and online links, launch online services, and much more. It stores all of your shortcuts in a single database, allowing you to add, edit and remove launchers as you wish.
Key Features:
• Comprehensive shortcut management
• Ability to assign specific key combinations
• Change shortcut icon if you want to
• View launchers on the right-click context menu
• Ability to add/remove launchers at will
• Ability to remove shortcuts you no longer need
• Point and click to remove launchers
• Drag&Drop support
• Support for executables, folders, and URLs
• Ability to launch online sites without adding a proxy
• Allows you to add and modify Web page shortcuts
• Supports multiple profiles (for example, development and production)
If you want a clean interface where you’re able to launch apps or files easily, PointNLaunch is the way to go. You’ll be able to add up to 8 application launchers or shortcuts to the desktop, and even add special icons that appear on mouseover. In addition, it allows you to create keyboard shortcuts and edit actual program shortcuts if you’d like. You can even create your own custom shortcut entries.Q:

Real world iOS Apps

I am building an app which I am hoping to release on the app store. In it I have an RSS reader. I am pretty decent with Android, but when it comes to iOS, I am the complete novice.
My question is, how many applications on the app store have a fairly large user base of people, some that are well used, that have featured on the app store.
Where can I get good resources to learn the basics of iOS development.


You can either get the Apple documentation and read it, or you can pick up the book «Programming iPhone 3» (see


You should look at the app store itself. If you visit this link:
you’ll see a list of all the apps that have featured on the iTunes App Store. Take a look at the

What’s New in the?

PointNLaunch brings your computer’s desktop into the 21st century. With every click on an icon in the PointNLaunch application you not only see the full name of the selected item, but also all its properties in the form of icons, small text snippets, and links to documentation and the software’s website. A slide bar lets you quickly view the selected icon.
Unlike other icon-based launchers, PointNLaunch supports a great variety of different icons formats and sizes, right-click menus, advanced search options, and special features, such as the ability to send selected items using the F2 FileSend feature.
– Create a new launcher: You can create a custom «folder» on the desktop and drag icons to it.
– Browse and search for other icons, all bundled in a zip archive: Look up a specific file or a folder in the Zip archive and quickly find the icon on your desktop.
– New way to browse and look up: Rearrange the icons in the selected folder by dragging them or use a grid view.
– Recursive search: Look for a specific file or folder in the whole Zip archive, including subfolders.
– Advanced search: Enter the name of the file, the extension of the file, the folder name, or a full path as the search term.
– Built-in icon viewer: Right-click an icon to view its properties in the list of available properties.
– Filename suggestion: Suggest names for the clicked-on icon, for every format supported by PointNLaunch.
– Open with protocol dialog: Drop an icon file into the PointNLaunch window, for example, Gmail.app and get a dialog box that allows to choose the default application to be used.
– A4 menu supports: Create shortcuts for popular Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel, Apple iTunes and Adobe Photoshop; right-click an icon and a «Send to A4» menu is created.
– Force to display text on mouseover: Press the right mouse button and look at the icon description. It will appear on mouseover.
– Drag and drop of icons: Drag and drop the icon to the desktop.
– Drag and drop of folders: Drag a folder to the desktop.
– Launch item from an online location: Mention the website address and PointNLaunch opens it in the default browser.
– Drag and drop of files: Drag a file or folder and drop the item on the desktop.
– Send item

System Requirements For PointNLaunch:

Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX 10.6 or later (32 or 64-bit)
1.8 GHz CPU
512 MB free disk space
Internet connection
Additional Requirements:
Windows Vista or higher or Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
1 GB free disk space
Download and run the installer file.
For setting up the network setup, make sure that the program is running on the same network as the PCCard/SD