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Making images blurred is one of the more popular things to do with Photoshop. Blurring a photo can be used to hide objects in the image that aren’t relevant or to add a soft focus effect. To blur an image, move it around on a separate layer and click on the Blur icon on the Layers panel.

Make sure to apply the Blur tool by clicking on the Blur tab. You can choose Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Sharpen, or Unsharp Mask. Unsharp Mask sharpens blurred areas. It has a lower starting point than Gaussian Blur and Motion Blur and will make sharp areas on your image appear blurred.

When making a photo blurry, use the Gaussian Blur Tool for the best results. Use a larger brush to apply more blur; use a smaller brush to get sharper results. Shift+click with the Gaussian Blur Tool to adjust the amount of blur applied.

How to Remove Flaws from a Photo

Image: flickr/xkcd

A good way to remove flaws from a photo is to open it in an image editor like Photoshop and apply a Gaussian Blur filter to it. When using Photoshop’s Gaussian Blur filter, you can use a hard or soft edge and adjust the Amount slider from 0.01 to 15. If you look closely you can still see that the blurred part of the photo contains the surrounding edge. The blur radius changes the amount of blur applied. Move the blurred edge to the left side of the image to have less blur. Move the blurred edge to the right side of the image to have more blur.

Here’s what Photoshop’s Gaussian Blur tool looks like.

Removing Flaws from a Photo

Removing defects is a fairly straight-forward task. To remove a defect, select the Red Eye tool from the toolbox or use the Rectangular Select Tool. Click on the eye and drag around it, then erase. You may want to duplicate the layer so that you don’t accidentally delete the area surrounding the eye.

If you want to hide the eye from view, just move the layer below the visible part of the image.

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import * as React from’react’
import styled from’styled-components’
import Head from ‘next/head’
import { Link } from ‘next/router’
import css from ‘../../../utils/css’
import { cssClasses as classes } from ‘../../../utils/css’

const LinkWrapper = styled.a`
text-decoration: none;
color: ${(props: { link: string }) => || ‘inherit’};

:focus {
text-decoration: none;

&:focus {
outline: none;

&.is-selected {
color: ${(props: { link: string }) => || ‘primary’};

:focus {
color: ${(props: { link: string }) => || ‘primary’};

const Link = ({ children,…props }) => (



export default Link

export const StyledLink = styled.a`
display: inline-block;

export const StyledIcon = styled.svg`
width: ${css(24 / 16)};
height: ${css(24 / 16)};

& i {
height: ${css(24 / 16)};
width: ${css(24 / 16)};

export const StyledTitle = styled.p`
font-size: 16px;
font-weight: 300;
font-family: ${css(DejaVuSans)}!important;
letter-spacing: -0.04px;
line-height: 1.4;
color: ${(props: { link: string }) => || ‘inherit’};

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