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How is Photoshop Similar to the Web Designer’s Paintbrush?

Both products use layers to create images. The main difference between Photoshop and the Web Designer’s Paintbrush is that Photoshop is image creation and editing, whereas Paintbrush is just image design.

What is Quick Fix?

Quick Fix is a feature of Photoshop that lets the user explore all the available edits on the image, make changes, and then click on a button to «fix» the image to a preset value, or «quick fix» it.

Photoshop has been a much more of a precision and planning tool than Paintbrush, with many Photoshop users focusing more on compositing elements and working with layers.

What are Photoshop’s Most Common Types of Layers?

Each type of layer in Photoshop is called a level. Levels are used for blending images in layer-based images. Layers can be grouped or layered. In Photoshop, levels can be moved, resized, placed, deleted, or hidden using the Move, Resize, Reposition, or Delete buttons in the Layers panel.

What Makes Levels Different from Images?

When you drag and drop an image into Photoshop, it turns into a new layer. Photoshop reads each pixel in the image and reserves them as an «owned» pixel. This means that if you change the color of the pixels on the layer, all of the owned pixels change to match the new color.

Levels on the other hand only store the information as far as the location and sizing of the layer. Then Photoshop fills in any gaps in the layer using colors based on the settings you set in the Layers panel.

How do I make a Photoshop Template?

A Photoshop template can be made by saving a layered Photoshop file in.psd format. Then you can load the template into a Photoshop file with the «New from template» option in the File menu.

You can also import a Photoshop file as a template into a new Photoshop file, but if you load the.psd file format, it will be a lot easier to maintain the template.

Can I Edit an Image With Multiple Layers?

Yes, you can edit an image with multiple levels or layers.

The way you work with multiple layers depends on the kind of image you are working on. For example, editing an image with multiple layers lets you change the individual colors on each layer individually, or to build new

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How to find out that your iPhone is infected by a virus?

There are many free applications that can help you test your phone for viruses such as these. You can also easily find free virus software at the App Store by searching the term “Virus Scanner” or by typing in “Virus Scanner” into the search bar. Once installed, a new menu with categories ranging from malware detection to password cracking will open up.

How to find out that your Android phone is infected by a virus?

Most viruses that affect Android phones look for and infect documents, messages and web pages to collect code to control your computer or mobile phone.

To remove these, you will need to scan the files and folders of your phone. This can be done with the “Malware Scan” option.

In Android, you can find the malware scanner from your applications menu. You need to turn off the notification pop-up for it to work. Once started, you have to scan all files and folders in your phone.

Be careful with the recommendations provided by your phone. It may have its own security settings or be set up to scan only certain categories, such as videos or photos. If this option isn’t available, you can still run a virus scan manually.

Once you see that all the infected files have been found, you can delete or rename them, if you want. You may also have to remove any software that has been added by mistake.

How to find out that your Mac is infected by a virus?

The Mac operating system has a built-in, sophisticated security system that can detect and remove most kinds of viruses.

From the  Apple menu, choose  About This Mac.

Select “More Info” in the lower left-hand corner.

Select “System Report.”

Click on “Security,” and then select “Hardware Security.”

If your Mac has been infected, you will see a warning screen asking whether you want to allow the virus to scan. If you allow the scanning, you will see the number of threats detected.

To remove them, click on the “Quarantine” button next to each threat and click on the Mac virus software to start.

The Mac operating system has a built-in, sophisticated security system that can detect and remove most kinds

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JBoss Fuse: Working with two LDAP servers using a single user store

In JBoss Fuse we would like to use our own LDAP server for authentication, but the same user store as the JBoss Fuse LDAP server (all users from LDAP server A should be visible in LDAP server B as well, without having to maintain two different user stores).
How to achieve this?


Assuming your LDAP server B is more detailed than the LDAP server A, you could configure the JBoss Fuse LDAP server to only perform searches on LDAP server B. Also, you could configure the Kerberos auth plugin to authorize only LDAP server B for Kerberos authentication.

Trifunctional Lipases from Thermus spp. for Synthetic Reactions.
Trifunctional lipases were extracted from Thermus (Geobacillus) spp. (Ta53, Ta55 and Ta101) using a selective extraction process. Tributyrin was used for characterization of the lipases and there was up to 97% free fatty acid recovery and about 1.2 times higher catalytic activity of the trifunctional lipases than of the native lipase. Optimal conditions for extracting the enzymes were as follows: 5% (w/v) NaCl, 20 °C, pH 8.0 and enzyme concentration of 1.0 mg/mL. The three trifunctional lipases had similar temperature and pH profiles, but their catalytic properties for the fatty acids and triacylglycerol hydrolysis were distinctly different. The Ta55 lipase exhibited the greatest activity of lard (41.87%), oleic acid (13.68%), and palmitic acid (12.01%). In the reactions of acylation, 1-butanol and cholesterol oxidation, the Ta101 and Ta53 lipases exhibited similar catalytic activities to that of the Ta55 lipase, while the Ta55 lipase showed optimum activity of each reaction. The purified lipases showed no activity for emulsification. The four trifunctional lipases exhibited similar ability in the hydrolysis of triacylglycerol and synthesis of fatty acid/cholesterol ester, but distinct kinetic properties towards the fatty acid and triglyceride.Protein kinase CK2 regulates HIF-1alpha protein accumulation and the hypoxic response.
The general transcription factor HIF

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Convert to day

How to to convert a DateTime to day. For example 1 day may be:
public string Day { get { return string.Format(«{0:dd}», DateTime.Now.Day); } }

Or in some other way.


If you mean «day of the month», here’s a handy extension method (I find the System.DateTime.Calendar class easiest to work with):
public static DateTime DayOfMonth(this DateTime date, int numberOfDays)
Calendar cal = Calendar.GetInstance();
cal.Set(CalendarField.DayOfMonth, numberOfDays);
DateTime result = cal.Time;
return result;

You might wish to use DateTime.AddDays instead of adding as many days as you want, depending on what you are trying to do.


Take a look at this:


This should work:
DateTime toDay = DateTime.Now;

toDay = toDay.Day;

You just need to make sure you use the corresponding parameter for your getter. For a private variable, it’s not required (it’s the default in C#), but for a public property you need to do it.

Application of extended matching pursuit to the wavelet domain for image processing.
A modified version of the standard algorithm of optimal time-frequency (OTF) decomposition, called extended optimal time-frequency (OTF) decomposition, based on the wavelet transform (WT) is presented. The threshold of the filter in OTF decomposition is not fixed, and it is adaptive in OTF decomposition. The threshold of OTF decomposition is computed by using continuous wavelet transform (CWT), making it possible to process images of multiresolution in the WT domain. Moreover, this idea is applied to the combination of the WT and DWT, and the modified OTF decomposition, called the extended OTF decomposition (E-OTF), is achieved. The modified E-OTF decomposition is performed by setting thresholds in the WT and the DWT processes adaptively. The computational complexity of E-OTF decomposition

System Requirements:

Up-to-date DirectX 11 compatible graphics cards are required. We recommend the following:- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, GTX 660 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7950 or higher- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or higher- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or higher- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or higher- AMD Radeon R9 290X or higher (depending on the driver version)- Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or later with latest Service Pack.
Minimum system requirements:- Windows 7, Windows Vista or later- At least 3 GB of RAM (6 GB or