Invest your yang wisely to maximize the potential of your character. Obtain rare items, upgrade weapons and equipment, and strengthen your skills to combat enemies and dominate in PvP duels.

Since the first Metin2 P servers appeared on the Internet, 3 terms have developed to describe them: old school, middle school and new school.

1. Customized Gameplay

Whether out of greed for money or pure joy in experimentation, hobby programmers have created what is today the Metin2 Pserver scene. Based on the release of official server files, these servers were developed and run on private computers over VPN programs like LogMeIn Hamachi or Windows virtual PC.

This makes them independent of the game publisher and gives admins a lot of freedom for adjustments to the complete game environment. New systems or events can be implemented at any time.

The resulting gameplay is often much faster than on the official servers and can be enjoyed for free instead of paying hundreds of dollars to belong to the best players on the official servers. This is an important reason why the popularity of p-servers has risen so much. Of course, many of the p-servers offer a coin shop with items that can be purchased for real money. This is a necessary aspect of the business model to cover the costs of operating the server.

2. Active Community

Initially, the first Metin2 private servers (P-Servers) were created after the release of the official server files, which hobby programmers took advantage of to create new worlds. This marked the start of today’s P-Server scene.

These new worlds differ from the original game in a number of ways, from enhancing gameplay to adding custom content. Some also provide fast achievements and other features that improve the game’s flow.

While these servers may not be considered hacks, some of them offer the option to gain in-game currency without actually playing. Although this is viewed negatively, it is an important part of the community and is often used by players looking to speed up their progress.

XD ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED is now publishing Darbe2 to give the entire Metin2 community a reliable and trustworthy gaming environment. The P-Server is free from unnecessary difficulties and offers a real experience of the game as it was in 2008. It will allow you to feel the spirit of Metin2 again.

3. Trading and Commerce

G4box: Metin 2 takes place in a world divided into three kingdoms that compete for control of a contested continent. As you progress through the game, you can level up to unlock a variety of weapons and armor, as well as special equipment that confers various bonuses.

You can trade potions and scrolls with the local townspeople, or purchase them from vendors located throughout the kingdoms. In addition, you can visit the mall to buy new equipment and upgrade your current armor or weaponry. The mall also sells a number of unique items that cannot be found in-game, including the Imperial Regalia awarded to players who win control of a kingdom.

When the first pservers appeared on the Internet, they were often very similar to the official Metin2 server in terms of speed. Over time, however, hobby programmers have developed into experienced server Admins and today’s server scene is very diverse. These differences have led to the distinctions of Old School, Middle School and New School.

4. Guild Support and Community Activities

When you play on a metin2 pvp server, you’ll find many community activities for players to participate in. These are designed to enhance your gameplay experience and help you get the most out of the game. You can also earn rewards through these events. You can find out more about these events by visiting the forum.

Yang is the primary currency in the game and plays a vital role in character progression. By ensuring your character has sufficient yang, you can unlock new abilities and upgrade weapons and equipment. Yang is the lifeblood of your character, and the proper use of it can make the difference in battles against powerful foes.

P-servers differ from the official game in that they are operated by independent game admins rather than a traditional company. Consequently, they can implement changes in the game at any time. These changes can include game adjustments, new systems or events. These changes help keep the game feeling fresh and up to date for players.