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## **Excel**

Perhaps the best way to use Excel to edit images is to create a macro. A macro is a series of commands that can be assigned to a keystroke or a series of keystrokes that perform a sequence of actions.

Macros are particularly useful if you are trying to work with a large number of files and need to save a few seconds when using the image-editing features of your program. This technique is discussed in the next section.

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Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphics design tool. You can crop, rotate, adjust colors, add sharpening, change the perspective, draw and paint with the pencil tools, apply filters and layers, and much more. There are also various other tools for artistic purposes: retouching (like cloning), drawing, marker, glazing, poster, light and shadows, text, and other drawing options.

Adobe Bridge is a sort of photo viewer, much like Apple Aperture and Lightroom. It displays images from both your computer and camera, letting you manage them in one place.

How to make a desktop background in Photoshop

1. Create a new document and convert it to greyscale

1. Create a new document and convert it to greyscale

2. Open the document in Photoshop

3. Select ‘Load’ in the menu bar

4. Drag and drop the image you want as the background onto the document

2. Adjust the brightness and contrast

You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image to get rid of shadows and other imperfections by using the Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast menu.

3. Switch to ‘Grayscale’ in the Layers palette

4. Select the ‘Plugins’ icon on the top bar and choose ‘Color Lift’ plugin

5. Drag the slider to modify the brightness of the image, giving more attention to shadows or pastel colors

6. In the ‘Adjustment’ tab, click on ‘Colorize’ under ‘Presets’

7. Select the ‘Monochrome’ preset in the Colorize menu

8. Click on the ‘Sun’ icon to modify the color of the Sun

9. Drag the slider to darken or lighten the colors

There are various ways to get rid of red eye and other imperfections like wrinkles and folds. A common method is to apply a warm or cool effect on the eye area, and add some slight blur.

To do that, select the eye, then pick the ‘Blur’ effect and select ‘Gaussian Blur’ or ‘Motion Blur’.

To make the eyes small and delicate, you can make use of the same method with one of the Hand tools, the ‘Freeform’ tool or the ‘Hard Round’ tool.

But when it comes to removing imperfections, Image > Adjustment >

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Interplay of parent and peer relations in the development of children with asthma.
The impact of parents and peers on the development of children with asthma is far less studied than that on children without chronic illness. It has been proposed that the wider social context is important in the etiology and maintenance of asthma, and researchers have begun examining the role of parents and peers in children with asthma. The purpose of this study was to assess the interaction between children and their parents and peers in the development of children with asthma. A total of 20 children and 40 adolescents, 26 boys and 15 girls aged 10-16, participated in the study. A total of 24 dyads (12 mother-daughter dyads and 12 father-son dyads) were analyzed. Peer relationships were measured using the Dutch Peer Relations Questionnaire and parent-child relationships with the Parent-Child Relationship Questionnaire. It was found that both parents and peers of children with asthma are important in the development of children with asthma and that both parents and peers are important in the development of adolescents. Furthermore, it was found that boys tended to have more positive parent-child and peer relationships than girls. Children with asthma and their peers provide important sources of support for children with asthma.The X-ray emission from the rapidly rotating neutron star in 4U 0836-53.
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In a 2009 prospective cohort study, Dr. Malcolm Pettit followed 1,172 children aged 6 to 14, exposed to tobacco smoke at home. He

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Barriers to health care utilization and continuity in diabetes management in Italy.
To identify barriers to diabetes care in Italy, where health care is reimbursed by the National Health Service. We used the multivariate regression model to measure the effect of several socio-demographic and clinical characteristics on the likelihood to visit a general practitioner, to get a prescription for oral antidiabetics and insulin and to have a regular follow-up with a general practitioner. Italian diabetes patients under treatment. North and North-east Italy, 2000. A total of 8196 patients were interviewed. The percentage of patients who never consulted a general practitioner was 18%; 71% of them received a prescription for oral antidiabetics and 65% a prescription for insulin. The likelihood to get a regular follow-up with a general practitioner was higher if the time interval since last consultation was less than 30 days. Regular follow-up was also positively associated with age, regular consumption of anti-hyperglycaemic medications, diagnosis of microvascular complications and comorbidity. Having a prescription for insulin and for oral antidiabetics was associated with living in a rural area. The likelihood to visit a general practitioner and to get a prescription for oral antidiabetics was lower in patients with partial coverage by public health care funds and in patients with specific diagnoses. This study emphasizes that the main barriers to health care utilization among Italian patients with diabetes were related to the characteristics of the health system, while very small proportions of the variables related to diabetes care were significant. Further studies, assessing the effect of measures aimed at improving diabetes care, are needed. FILED
NOV 23 2009

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