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Part IV: Video (Full Programs)

Videos are a relatively recent addition to the graphic arts toolkit. There are four chapters here on video programs, including Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore, and Adobe Media Encoder. All of these programs use Adobe Flash Player, a relatively new platform that enables you to easily convert videos from Flash. Premiere Pro has a special set of features for working with videos that may enhance your video-editing experience.

Most consumers are familiar with video editing. If you’ve been in the news business or in any other arena, you already know what video editing is. For the rest of us, a basic overview is necessary to understand how to edit video that you can then convert to DVDs or other video formats.

Premiere Pro is a powerful video-editing program that enables you to edit multiple media types. Learn how to manage and share projects using a workflow with other types of media.

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This Photoshop Elements tutorial will teach you how to edit, repair and retouch photos for photography or graphic design work. We’ll show you how to edit and repair photos with the retouching tools available. We’ll also teach you how to create graphics from scratch, and I’ll teach you how to use a bunch of other features to fine-tune your image.

Getting Started

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for macOS, Windows and Linux and for either macOS or Windows only. If you have Photoshop and a legal copy of Photoshop Elements installed, you already have all the tools you need.

This tutorial was written for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and the latest versions of the current software. For older versions of Photoshop Elements on a supported operating system, check Adobe’s support site for instructions to update. If you have a copy of Photoshop Elements from 2015 or older, you need to follow the instructions on Adobe’s support site for that version to upgrade.

If you’re not already signed up for Photoshop Express, download the free Express app. While the app is free, the service requires an Adobe ID. Signing up lets you have access to your file online, share files with your friends and download unlimited Creative Cloud apps for free.

A Photoshop tutorial, this is a three-part series, with Part 1 introducing you to Photoshop Elements, Part 2 showing you how to make graphics and Part 3 covering editing images and retouching photos.

To create and open files, you’ll need either macOS or Windows. If you use a Mac, download Photoshop Elements for macOS and if you use a Windows PC, download Photoshop Elements for Windows.

Next, you’ll want to take a few steps to prepare your image.

Step 1: Download Your Images

Download your images.

If you’re using Windows, you’ll want to grab some Photoshop Elements download links. If you’re on a Mac, you can use the “Add to Photoshop Elements” option in Finder to download files.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to create a folder on your desktop for it to be saved to.

Step 2: Manage Images

I make a separate folder for each image I have to manage.

On macOS, you can make a new folder by clicking the file menu, clicking New, and then choosing Folder.

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The Pen tool can be used to make selections or apply a gradient or pattern to an image. You can use any of the Brush, Pen or Type tools to create elaborate text and titles.
There are a number of brushes and pens that can be used to create various effects.
If you need a more complete list or tutorial on Photoshop brushes, visit our website. You can search our brush tutorials here.

The free Vector Magic Pen for Photoshop is a great way to quickly produce vector images. You can convert a canvas to vector, make path selections, or even add dimension to your photo with special effects.
The Program Description says «Draw and drag vector shapes into the canvas» and «Create paths and shapes directly from the canvas. Move, scale and combine objects using the free hand tool»

Photoshop is a very powerful and versatile program, but it’s also one of the biggest and hardest to learn. Don’t let Photoshop intimidate you! You can learn it like any other program. The following videos are a good place to start:

The After Effects CC 2012 programs include a free trial version. This allows you to access all of the features and to make any changes you like. After Effects includes a full-featured video editor, a full-featured compositing and animation program, a vector graphics editor, a motion graphics editor, an audio editor and a creative suite of video enhancing tools. Free download.
If you need a good tutorial on after effects, check out our free tutorial here.

Mac: The Apple Mac is a great computer for people who love art and design. It’s good for business and for home use.
You have a great video card, which makes it good for gaming, and since you have a great monitor, it’s good for watching movies.

Windows: If you’re buying a computer and you want to make it into a media center or gaming machine, Windows is the computer you want. If you are not that good with computers, you will need to do some research before making your decision.

Keyboard: The basic keyboard on a computer is a keyboard for typing. A computer keyboard doesn’t have any extra keys that can be used for special effects. You will need to buy a keyboard that’s designed to be used with your computer.

Keyboard shortcuts: There are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to do the same task with different or fewer key presses. Windows will give you a list of shortcut when you use it. Macs usually

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Download Old:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or Intel HD Graphics 4000 3200; may also be supported by a compatible AMD or Nvidia HD Graphics.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB of RAM for fully updated drivers)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II or equivalent processor.
Graphics: DirectX 11 or AMD Catalyst 13.3 or later (not all GPUs will be supported).
Display: 1024 x 768 resolution or higher