Greek Radio is an application that allows you to listen to popular Greek radio stations, while also providing some other tools to help users add their very own stations to the database.
Although by default it provides access to 25 Greek radio stations, the program can be used to listen to any online station in the world, as it also comprises a dedicated tool that enables users to add new entries.
Adding and saving a new station is as easy as pie because Greek Radio only needs the URL, with no other information required. What’s more, it can be removed and started at any given moment, all via the “one window does it all” GUI.
All stations are displayed right in the main window, while the typical stream control buttons are placed at the bottom of the window.
Users are allowed not only to listen to their favorite stations, but also import and export the database and thus back up or even share the new items.
Last but not least, users can define a specific station to be played on the program startup and thus listen to a user-defined stream just by launching the application.
As you may guess, Greek Radio is not at all a resource hog and it works flawlessly on all Windows versions. An Internet connection is, of course, needed, but most of the time it remains very friendly with resources.
All things considered, Greek Radio is an interesting project, although it provides access to Greek radio stations exclusively. A larger database with many more stations from all around the world would definitely help.







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– Add your favorite radio station url and provide some basic information
– Listen to the station using either a standard stream control or listen to specific user-defined station
– Connect to your friends when they decide to create their own stream
– Listen to either the current stations or the stations that are in the database
– Browse the database and listen to the stations available
– View information regarding the station
– Export or import database
– Special stations (automatically played)

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InternetRadio is an simple tool that helps people add internet radio stations. This tool has no database, so it can only be used to add internet radio stations that are known by the client.
InternetRadio Description:
– View internet radio stations from all over the world
– Browse the list
– Add stations to the list
– View information regarding the station
– Listen to a specific station
– Export

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This application consists of 2 sections. The first one is dedicated to your favorite radio stations. In this one, Greek Radio allows you to listen to all the radio stations in your country (if it is in the US and you live in the US, it won’t do you any good to list the radio stations of Greece).
The second section is a bookmark manager. It provides you to add bookmarks for all the radio stations that you might want to listen to in the future.
Greek Radio Screenshot:
When you launch the application, you will see a window with 5 buttons. One of them is for adding a new station to the database. The other 4 are for searching for a specific station and also for listening to it.
Greek Radio User Interface:
When you start the application, you will see the main window. On the left, you will see a list of radio stations. You can click on a radio station’s name to open the station’s website. On the right of the window, you will see your bookmarks. You can drag and drop a radio station from the right pane to any bookmark from the left pane.
More Greek Radio Information:
For a more detailed description of Greek Radio, please check out the web page at
The author of Greek Radio also maintains a discussion forum at Please visit it for more information.

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What’s New in the Greek Radio?

* The ability to listen to your favorite Greek Radio stations* Search and manage your favorite Greek radio stations* Connect with Greek radio stations through its social media application* Stream your favorite Greek Radio stations and listen to them even offline* Plus the ability to add your favorite Greek radio stations from outside the application* Export and import the database, making it easy to backup and share* Three interface windows are available for user preferences (don’t forget to choose your language!)* If you have any suggestion or you think Greek Radio could be more useful to Greek radio listeners, we’ll be thankful to you chute is merely a secondary device for creating turbulence that assists in the flow of the aluminum from the ladle to the ingot mold.
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System Requirements For Greek Radio:

The game requires a game controller.
The game requires support for the gamepad.
The game has been tested to work on the following operating systems:
Windows 7/8/10
Linux, and
Mac OS.
Thanks for your support!
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