Having access to a Google search gadget can come in handy as you never know when you need to look for something. Google Search with 100 Backgrounds is a nice gadget that can fit on any desktop.
The program has a clean interface that is quite easy to work with.
The widget’s frame is quite small and can be dragged to any spot on the desktop. Furthermore, as the name of the gadget suggests, it comes with plenty of background colors to match any wallpaper you might have.
Thus, among the multitude of options, you may pick glossy hues that are semi-transparent, solid colors, various patterns, flowers, a starry night and even the USA flag.
As mentioned before, the program includes a search bar. The result pages are opened with the help of the default web browser.
As all Windows widgets, Google Search with 100 Backgrounds can be moved to any area of the screen by simply dragging it with the mouse. The frame may be set to always be on top of other apps.
Furthermore, its opacity can be modified to any of the available options. Once closed, the widget can be restored to the desktop from the Windows gadget menu.
The bottom line is that Google Search with 100 Backgrounds is a nice utility that can be quite helpful as it provides immediate access to the search engine. Inexperienced users should have no problems in installing and customizing this gadget.







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Google Search with 100 Backgrounds is a nice search gadget for Windows that has a nice colorful look and allows you to use it right away

This product includes:

Google Search with 100 Backgrounds.ZIP

Make Google Search with 100 Backgrounds easy-to-use. Google Search with 100 Backgrounds is a simple yet useful Google gadget for your Windows PC, search while you work or play.

Google Search with 100 Backgrounds Key Features:

Google’s powerful search, presented by the simplest, most flexible search window: Google Search with 100 Backgrounds is a simple search window for Windows which is always up to date as soon as there’s new information. You can always type your own search terms, but the gadget also lets you type queries like “search.com for [YOUR SEARCH TERM]” and Google will take care of the rest.

How to use: Before you start typing your search query, you’ll be asked to pick a search theme. Choose one of the beautiful themes or choose one of the other search themes available.

Search by Theme: Themes range from country-specific (German, French, etc.) to categories (things like news, newsgroups, and images) to time-of-day (morning, afternoon, night, and so on). If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, just click one of the themes and see what the results are like.

Search your email: Since you know what you’re looking for, what about searching your email? You can do this with Google Search with 100 Backgrounds very easily. You’ll be asked to type your email address and Google will find every email you send or receive with the exact words you searched for (or your search term plus the words in the subject, if you’re looking for that email’s subject line).

Social search: You know everything there is to know about the specific thing you’re looking for. Now you can make Google Search with 100 Backgrounds do all the rest. You can search your Facebook and Twitter posts (or others’ posts) or even search your newsgroups. You can also tell Google to search images from Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Google Video, Google Books, and hundreds of other online sources. Search the Web: With Google Search with 100 Backgrounds, you can search the Web in real time. It�

Google Search With 100 Backgrounds Free Download [Updated] 2022

• Unique Backgrounds – Never show the same background twice!
• Search from Desktop and Web together – Search for
all of the words on your desktop and also from the web
• Quick access to Wikipedia & Google Search – Navigate
directly to Wikipedia or Google Search
• Configure with ease – Change the font, opacity & even
move the search window to any area on your screen
Key Features:
• Unique Backgrounds – Never show the same background
• Search from Desktop and Web together – Search for all of the words on your desktop and also from the web
• Quick access to Wikipedia & Google Search – Navigate directly to Wikipedia or Google Search
• Configure with ease – Change the font, opacity & even move the search window to any area on your screen
• 100 Unique background themes. Each background has a flat color, and the opacity can be set as you like
• Search from Desktop & Web together
• Jump directly to Wikipedia & Google Search for one of the most used sites in the world.
• Configure with ease. Each theme can be changed as you like
• Change the search bar size & location
• Set background opacity
• Set time to stay on top
• You can move the search window to any area of your screen
• Set position to the left, top, right or bottom
• Auto-hide the bar, when the mouse is in the top left corner of your desktop

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Featured on Softtique.Com Win7 Desktop Google Search Pane 1.0 Google Search Pane for Windows 7 is a simple tool for your computer. You can search anything you wish with Google and you will be presented with a Google Search Pane that has a URL bar and search bar on the right.


Search the web with Google.com

Hover over Search Pane and press F1 to bring up a help window.

Tips for using the Google Search Pane:

Search Pane can be dragged to anywhere on the desktop. You can also set it to keep always on top.

Pressing F1 in the Search Pane brings up a Help window with tips for using the Pane.

Why is this useful?

The Google Search Pane allows you to quickly use Google with just two mouse clicks. No more opening up a browser window, navigating to Google.com and searching for something.

Google Search Pane is an easy to use tool that allows you to instantly search the web with Google! It provides a quick shortcut to make Google search faster.

Thanks to Windows 7, the Google Search Pane is easy to use without any confusing UI. Drag it to the desktop and start typing! You will see a suggested list of items for you to choose from.


If you encounter any problems or have suggestions, please contact us directly at google@softtique.com. We are available 24/7.


1. The Google Search Pane does not provide an Internet shortcut for Google Search. It does however provide a shortcut to your preferred search engine (GOOGLE), so that you can save a few steps by typing in your search terms right into the Pane.

2. The Google Search Pane is a standalone application and does not depend upon any of the applications you have open on your system. So you can have the Google Search Pane open and use the other apps normally.

3. Google does not make money from the Google Search Pane.


1. Click the Download button below to start your download.

2. After the file is downloaded, double-click the downloaded file to install the Google Search Pane.


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To download uninstall Google Search Pane please go to the product page, click on the Download button and follow the onscreen directions

System Requirements:

Internet connection
3.0GHz Processor or faster
1GB RAM or more
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10
OS X 10.9 or later
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Software required:
All of the following software is required to play this game.
GOG Galaxy
GOG Galaxy Installer –
Electron (Git version) –