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This document describes the meaning and method of use of Executable File Viewer.

What is the format of each file header? This is an essential element for understanding the executable file header. What is EXECUTABLE AND RELOCATED DATA?The EXECUTABLE and RELOCATED DATA (EXED) format was created by Microsoft Corporation and is standardized in the Portable Executable File Format Specification 1.1.

How to use Executable File Viewer?Once installed, just run File Navigator and select a file whose header you wish to view. From File > «Viewers» menu, add the executable file masks. It is possible to view files created by MS-DOS or Win32 Portable Executable Versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.1a. Masks for other file formats are available at «File Masks» menu.

The default settings make it possible to view PE module headers of 6 different formats: DOS EXE, Win32/Win64 EXE, MS DOS EXE, OS/2 COM, Win32/Win64 COM and Macintosh BPL. These masks are loaded on demand. After the execution of Windows Installer, these masks are not needed any more.

If you want to learn more about Executable File Viewer, please, read the following readme document.



Read Me:

This document contains information about the file format, structure and expected behavior of executable headers.

How can you change the structure of a PE (Portable Executable) file header?

Two functions can be used to modify the content of the executable header: SetFileHeaderInformation and SetPEHeader. Both of them take the pointer to the header that needs modification and the modification parameters.

The difference between the two functions is that the first needs 32-bit parameters while the second needs 64-bit parameters. In order to modify the header, you need to use functions with appropriate parameters (for instance SetFileHeaderInformation is used to modify the information of a DOS exe executable header, while SetPEHeader function is used to modify the information of a portable executable file

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Executable File Viewer Crack For Windows is a file viewer plugin for File Navigator (File…

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1. It can view the file headers for MS DOS executables and Win32 portable executable files (PE modules) within the file manager.
2. The plugin supports the EXE, DLL, BPL, OCX and VXD formats.
3. It does not require any updates for data.
4. The plugin does not use any resources.
5. It does not require a compiler.
6. The translation file has not been updated for a long time.
7. You can set the plugin to «Disable» mode by right clicking the icon.
1. It can view the file headers for MS DOS executables and Win32 portable executable files (PE modules).
2. It can edit the file header information of these files.
3. It displays the function names of exported and imported functions, module name, module path, module base address and many other information.
4. It has a function to display the modules that are imported from these executable files.
5. It has a function to display the modules that are exported from these executable files.
6. It does not cause any issues.
7. The plugin does not use any resources.
8. It has been tested to be work for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
9. No additional files are required to be installed.
10. The translation file has not been updated for a long time.
If there is any problems, please let us know.

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* Multiple compilation units

What’s New in the?

Description: Free PE Game Development Toolkit is a DLL file that represents an extension for File Navigator. It enables users to create and test MS DOS game programs with MS Paint-like simplicity and fun.
In order to install this extension, you must first move the DLL item to the installed program files of File Navigator, and put it in the «ViewersDoc» directory.
After this step is done, you can run File Navigator, bring up the «Viewers» screen from the «Commands» menu, add the supported file masks, and call Free PE Game Development Toolkit by writing the DLL file name in the «Command» box.
It is also possible to disable the plugin at any time. From this point on, you can view the header of any selected file, including the exported and imported function names of PE modules.
Some user experience is required to set up Free PE Game Development Toolkit, but you can just follow the instructions shown in the plain text document. We have not come across any difficulties throughout our evaluation, and the extension did not cause File Navigator to hang, crash or show error notifications. Too bad that Free PE Game Development Toolkit has not been updated for a long time.
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System Requirements:

The minimum hardware requirement is:
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