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Thanks to the software’s ability to convert vector-based artwork into a raster format (or the reverse), you can use Photoshop’s tools to manipulate almost any type of vector artwork — even if you don’t create your art in a vector-based format in the first place.

Photoshop isn’t the only option out there for designing and editing images. However, Photoshop has become the industry standard as the only paid imaging tool that works in a professional level of editing. Also, with such a massive variety of formats for image formats, you need a tool for every kind of image you create. Adobe’s Photoshop is the most common choice, although Elements is another option. Even if you choose a different program for image creation, Photoshop has powerful functions to apply to your images — such as converting the image into a series of layers that you can manipulate.

Recently, Adobe has been adding interesting new features to Photoshop. For example, in the upcoming CS4 version of the program (in 2010), there will be a Curves adjustment that allows you to change the intensity of colors.

For the purposes of this book, we take a look at how to use Photoshop’s various editing tools and demonstrate some powerful tools and techniques for creating images.

Enhancing existing images

Photoshop has powerful tools and effects to enhance and alter existing images. The free trial version of Photoshop has a library of effects and presets that you can use. You can create custom presets or download the Photoshop Extension Library (PSE) to use the many effects that are provided in the library.

Making color adjustments

As with all image editing, you have three basic adjustments to make:

Black-and-white: Black-and-white images are one of the easiest ways to get started. Although black-and-white images are easy to make, they can cause some problems for creating images that have a high dynamic range (HDR).

Hue/Saturation: This adjustment operates on a color model known as the HSL (Hue/Saturation/Lightness) model. In this model, you can adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness (levels of brightness) of an image. The Hue/Saturation tool is a very popular tool, and you can use it on an image or create a new layer on top of an existing layer.

Curves: This adjustment gives you a few different tools to manipulate how colors relate to one another. The free version of Photoshop that comes with

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The simplicity of Photoshop Elements, combined with the billions of photos taken each year, makes it a powerful tool for editing and creating new images.

What are the features of Photoshop Elements?

Paint tool that draws on any canvas and lets you paint and create layers.

Paint bucket with colour, fill and shape selections.

Shapes and text tools to create geometric shapes and the text editor.

The Clipart Gallery with design templates

50 Basic and 22 Patterns.

The ability to crop images (crop, crop and rotate, crop image, crop to image and rotate)

The tools that control the distribution of the light and dark parts of an image and adjust its levels.

The Content Aware technology that automatically selects the best options in an image and then lets you alter the selection to fit the image.

Convert colours to fit the project (Neutralise, Convert to Black and White)

Customise the images for mobile devices (see information regarding mobile editing in Photoshop and Pixelmator).

The best vector graphics editing tools

The ability to add a 3D effect to objects in an image (filters and layers) and manipulate the depth and perspective

The tools that let you choose how the object in the image should look.

Adjust the brightness and exposure (including a histogram and a light and dark tones).

The Curves tool is used to apply non-linear adjustments to the image (saturation, exposure and contrast).

The ability to add filters, frames and text in an image

The ability to add 3D effects.

Adjust the levels of the image and use tools to correct colour problems (like skin tone).

The clone stamp tool that lets you fill image areas with other images.

The ability to create panoramas.

The ability to combine images into groups with the group selection tool.

The ability to create new objects (text, shapes, patterns) from existing objects in an image.

The opportunity to use a wide range of fonts (special elements like symbols and more).

The ability to save your work in other formats and export them to photo printing or tablets

The tool that lets you create GIF and Video files.

The ability to share images using web services.

The ability to add background music to your images.

The ability to use GPS coordinates

The ability to create and edit

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MySQL table relationships

I have three tables and I’m trying to establish relationships between them.
The problem is, my third table (shown below) contains both a foreign key and a primary key.
CREATE TABLE `spending` (
`id` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`amount` int(11) NOT NULL,

CREATE TABLE `budgets` (
`id` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`spending_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`budget_group_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`categories` varchar(45) NOT NULL,
`year` int(11) NOT NULL,
KEY `spending_id` (`spending_id`),
KEY `budget_group_id` (`budget_group_id`),
KEY `year` (`year`)

CREATE TABLE `spending_budget_groups` (
`id` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`name` varchar(45) NOT NULL,
UNIQUE KEY `name` (`name`)

My question is, when adding entries into the budgets table I need to ensure that the spending_id in the spending_budget_groups table is the same as the id in the spending table.
Is this the correct way to go about this or would I be better off just placing a foreign key into the spending_id field in the budgets table?


The «correct way» is:
ALTER TABLE `spending_budget_groups` ADD FOREIGN KEY (`spending_id`) REFERENCES `spending`(

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