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The New York Times reported today that President Donald Trump has had enough of those pesky coastal elites criticizing his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord. Trump reportedly called a top official in the Department of Energy and the chairman of the National Security Council, vowing to block the program’s funding in his next budget unless the administration’s objections are met.

If this is true, it’s extremely disturbing. In a sense, Trump’s threat seems all too familiar, with one difference: Trump could pull the country out of a treaty that was not ratified by the Senate. That’s not how Trump’s predecessors dealt with the issue. As we’ve noted before, the United States would be alone in the world if Trump followed through on his vow to leave the accord, which has been ratified by 195 countries, including even Russia, which Trump has praised on the campaign trail.

Trump has said he wants the United States to «renegotiate» the Paris climate deal. That’s going to be hard to do, because the one-country, 195-nation agreement essentially bans signatory nations from reducing or eliminating emissions without outside help. Trump might be able to scrap an earlier bilateral treaty or replace it with a new one that only addresses U.S. emissions. But that could create a scenario where other countries feel there’s no reason to limit global warming. And if that happened, as Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale and Benjamin Strauss of Harvard note, the United States would be the biggest loser: The country would be taking its voice away from the table.

The Cato Institute, for its part, doesn’t think this will happen.

«There’s a lot of fearmongering out there that the Paris Accord is going to destroy American business,» writes Cato’s

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Portable, lightweight application that enables you to secure your files
Features transparent encryption with standard algorithm
Supports only one file type
Does not support the use of multiple algorithms
Does not provide a desktop configuration window
No support for file and directory renaming
No support for file and folder copying
Available to download for free


AFAIK, both Crypto++ and 7-Zip have this feature. You can also try using third party software like KeePass. KeePass is a free, open source password manager that also features strong encryption.


Questions and user FAQs

I was taking a look at the user FAQ and noticed that the FAQ seems out-of-date, so I took a look at the FAQ on and noticed that the FAQ on is out-of-date too.
I don’t want to get into the discussion about whether the FAQ should be community wiki or not. I just want to know whether you want me to update the user FAQ and the FAQ on so that it’s current?


This is handled by the moderators. If you see posts or comments by moderators that you think are inaccurate, you can flag them for moderator attention.
The FAQs have been there for long enough that they can probably handle the maintenance (and if you see something that is so outdated that it should go away, please do flag it for attention)


this question is offensive
i will wait until my next day off to do mods work

Relationships between bacterial community structure and substrate profile in anaerobic digestion of thermophilic starch waste sludge.
Anaerobic digestion is widely used to dispose and recover energy from food and agricultural wastewaters in modern society. However, anaerobic digestion of thermophilic starch waste sludge (TSW) is challenging due to the presence of high-molecular weight polysaccharides and organic acids, which inhibit the metabolism of bacteria. The objectives of this research were to (i) determine the degradation rates of different hydrolysates prepared from TSW, (ii) identify and quantify the dominant species in the TSW bacterial community by amplicon sequencing and (iii) relate bacterial community structure to hydrolysate profile. This study shows

Defence Crypto PC/Windows

Defence Crypto is a very lightweight, portable, protected and encrypted program for Windows that was written to make the task of encrypting and decrypting your files as simple as possible.
Key Features:
– Anti-Tamper Engine:
– Password protection:
– Watermark:
– Portability:
– Maximum Compression:
– Compatible Windows OS:
– Simple user interface:
– File encryption/decryption:
– Good UI Support:
– No standard configuration menu:
– Simple to use and configure:
– Portable:
– Lifetime free trial:
– No deep installation:
– No separate registration required:
– Demo:
– Supports Multiple Algorithms:
– No 3rd Party Interaction:
– Optional Watermark:
– Optional Anti-Tamper:
– Supports.SVN Repo:
– Supports.SSL Repo:
– Supports.RAR &.ZIP Zip Repo:
– Supports.TGZ Zip Repo:
– Open Source:
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What’s New in the?

Other Features:

Screenshot of Defend Encrypt (Ă—) :

So how do I use it?
Update (10/08/2013):
As requested, I just added some more information on how to use this application, on our tutorial, you can find some screenshots and a nice video.


The one solution which comes as an option is:
This utility can be used as a basic alternative to true encryption if you only need to keep sensitive documents away from others who may try to access the document by means of an external crack. After you assign a passkey, you will have password protection of your files.
You can assign more than one document to the same passkey and this means that not even if someone got the file, they will have trouble trying to enter the passkey and cracking the file.
This solution is one of the most popular and trusted solutions to keep your files safe. Let us go through the steps:
Step 1 – Download:

Step 2 – Extract:

Step 3 – Open the Folder:

Step 4 – Put a Password:

Step 5 – Open the Document:

Step 6 – Open the Password in the Catch File:

This will open your file with a password, nothing more.


Custom Post Type Add category page

I am trying to build a theme that will work with a custom post type, called an «item». I am writing this to help a client that has no idea what he wants. I have a custom post type set up, and he wants a category page.
I have found several tutorials, and tried to use them with the help of the codex, but I am stuck.
I have tried two different tutorials I found:
Custom Post Type Category Page
Custom Post Type Add Category Page
The first one goes into great depth, and I tried to use some of the concepts from there. But when I was attempting to add a category page to my custom post type, I found that the slug is

And when I looked at the wordpress codex, they call the category.php instead of the item.php file.
After I added the Custom Post Type into my functions.php, the category.php page did not function.
I am pretty new to this, so I will try to be as clear as I can be.
Here is

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64 bit (we tested 32 bit and 64 bit versions on all three OSs and it worked)
Processor: Intel i5, i7, i3, Ryzen or AMD equivalent
Memory: Minimum 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 1080 or AMD equivalent
Storage: Minimum 16 GB available storage
DirectX 11 compatible video card
Keyboard and mouse
Internet connection
Using Steam and Origin are mandatory.
On Steam, all game modes (unless stated otherwise) require that you