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Cd 70 Navi East Europe 2014

Find out the availability of the North America Euro CD70 CD70 India, Continental Europe, UK, Italy, and the South America CD70 CD70. Ope, on the other hand, may be simply an entertaining

Every genre has its own terminology, and rhyming slang is no exception.
It seems to be primarily used in London, by Cockneys.

I like the idea and the music behind it, but I don’t think it’s going to
catch on in the US, where the closest equivalent is Hi-Five.

Hi-Five sounds more like a version of Hi-Ho, which is pretty darn close.

Yes, I believe that it is. I had written «Hi-Fi» but thanks for the reminder
on the spelling.

Actually a common alternate spelling is «Hi fi» which is an endearing play on
«hi ho, let’s go» which is where the name came from.

Biggest disappointment: available only in the UK.

You could try England or England or England.

The tension of «Sound of Silence» by Simon & Garfunkel would work well in this

I don’t think people are used to be exposed to this kind of music. They
probably wouldn’t even identify it as music.

I found the music in the video quite catchy. I think ‘normal’ people are
pretty happy with music that they’re already used to.

Regular people listen to pop, rap, hip-hop, and rock music, yes. All those
musics are the product of experiments in one way or another, so I don’t think
anyone would complain if there were more experiments in this vein.

It’s not a question of familiarity; it’s a question of novelty. Many people
have unique tastes. The real issue is whether they’re willing to pay for

[1] It’s unlikely that a single amateur recording would be able to support a
fulltime musician. The recordings of some artists (e.g. Jimi Hendrix)

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