Since distractions are the real culprit behind writer’s block – or so they say – regardless of the nature of your text, you probably want to be protected from such annoyances.
Black NotePad is a minimalist text editor that banks on precisely this principle since it provides you with a customizable writing environment so that you can easily focus strictly on your content.
Elegant text editor covering the basics of the writing process
Before anything else, you need to know that Black NotePad is a portable software solution, which means no installation steps require your attention.
As for the program’s user interface, things are minimalist and sleek on this front as well. With a basic feature set and a dark background chosen by default, the text editor does not pack useless buttons crowding its toolbar.
Writing text can be done just as in any other editor that supports copying and pasting, with the possibility of opening any TXT documents and applying changes to it. Regarding the editing tools it puts at your disposal, note that undoing or redoing modifications is an option, as is the case of copying, cutting, and pasting text.
Comes with customizable font and color profiles
What’s more, turning selected text to all lowercase or all uppercase should enhance your productivity while the same can be said about the search field, which enables you to effortlessly get to specific strings of text. Recognizing URLs should raise no issues whatsoever, and opening them in your browser is one click away.
While all these features might place it in the bulk of programs of its type, there is something that differentiates Black NotePad from the rest of text editors.
There are multiple options as far as the font and background colors are concerned, with two permanent and five customizable color profile settings. Regarding the available fonts, there are three pre-defined options, with the mention that alternative items can be loaded and saved.
Handy and distractions-free text editor
All in all, Black NotePad is a user-friendly tool for users who want to concentrate all their resources on the very process of writing. The text editor allows you to tweak its GUI so that eyestrain becomes an improbable danger, with the basic editing tool set being enough for most users.







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Using Black NotePad is simple – no hassles and a totally distraction-free writing experience, in the meantime you can use any of your devices and perform other tasks while writing.

Text Lab Free lets you create, edit, view, convert, and print files. All of the formatting options are fully customizable, from font style to background color. You can format text, fill in forms and tables, and apply color to your documents. You can also integrate your image files in a PDF file, e.g. an image of a stock ticker or price chart. A built-in text converter lets you convert between text files. All the image editing is powered by GS2 Editor, a powerful photo editor for Mac.

Text Lab Free is a powerful text editor, with many features including 6 different formatting options. With a click, you can choose a font, color, text style, and background image to make your document exactly the way you want it to be.

DroidText is a powerful and professional word processor for Android that lets you create and edit documents offline. With the help of DroidText, you can share drafts and even create documents on a web server for online editing. Drag and drop, paste, undo and redo, cut and copy, spell check, advanced text styles and formatting tools, a built-in PDF converter, free fonts, and a cloud based editor – everything you need is in DroidText.

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Can be used on mobile and desktop

Navigate with a keyboard or with gestures

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Send and receive texts, photos, and more


Black NotePad With Serial Key [32|64bit]

• Fast, lightweight, and distraction-free writing experience.
• “It saves me from taking out my laptop and typing my notes,” you might say.
• Theme packs available – download themes directly from your PC.
• Upgrade to clean the registry and remove recently-used documents.
• Share files and notes using the embedded Dropbox software.
• Ask for help in using the integrated online support forum.
• Save and restore configurable configurations and settings.
• Use a transparent and lightweight UI.
• Share webpages with Chrome extension.
• Open multiple tabs at once.
• Control background apps in the window of active tab.
• Share notes within a secure FTP server.
• Multi-file find and replace.
• Exclude files from search results.
• Search for text in multiple text files.
• Themes allow you to change the visual appearance of the program.
• Copy and paste directly into text files.
• Supports import and export to HTML, CSV, and TXT.
• Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X Lion, and older.
How To Install?
1. If the Black NotePad program is already installed, then uninstall it to finish the installation.
2. Double click on the setup file to extract the files and install the application.
3. When the installation is done, click on the Black NotePad icon to access the program.
4. If you are running the Setup on Windows XP or any lower version, then you need to restart your PC to complete the process.
5. To run the program for the first time, you will be requested to select the language, then choose the custom theme.
Black NotePad Features:
• Toolbar: Drag and drop your content from the toolbar above to the folder you want it to be.
• Text editor: Open the text document directly from the tool.
• File manager: Easy to use file manager.
• Search by file name.
• Password protection.
• FTP server support.
• Drag and drop file to paste it in the folder.
• Drag and drop file to drag it in the program.
• Drag and drop file to extract it.
• Drag and drop file to copy it.
• Drag and drop files to sort them.
• Drag and drop files to move them in the list.
• Drag and drop files to copy them

Black NotePad Crack

> Rtf Editor
> Undo/Redo
> Undo/Redo
> Copy/Paste
> Screenshot
> Backspace
> Undo/Redo
> Opening URLs
> Search
> Signature Manager
Black NotePad License:

Black NotePad Video Tutorial:

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What’s New in the Black NotePad?

The best way to keep track of your ideas is the right tool. Black NotePad is a hassle free text editor to take notes in a stylish way.
Black NotePad is an all-in-one text editor which allows you to write notes, notes and codes. And it comes as a portable version which supports Linux (i386 and amd64).
Like other text editors, this application can copy, cut, paste, undo, and redo.
It supports UTF-8, locales, Unicode.
Black NotePad screenshot
Black NotePad review – Short Description
Black NotePad is the best text editor because it is suitable for those who want to write a lot or keep track of their ideas all in one place.
Write notes
Write code

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