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Alpha decay simulation lets you perform two experiments using Polonium 211.
It enables you to simulate the alpha decay of individual atoms.
You can customize half-life of the alpha particles to simulate different rates of decay.

The original version of this simulation has been removed from the archive.

… and the «best of» section of my site is also gone.

Anyways, right now the ketchup simulation has been removed. I just uploaded a new one, that has essentially the same functionality as my last one. I will link back here to the old version.

I’ve also written a short story that I posted to a friends Facebook page. You can read it here: and some other short stories will be added there eventually as well.

I have also finally gotten around to uploading my Neutrino simulation to the archive. (That one should be quite a bit more fun to play with)

I will also start the process of uploading some of my latest compilation of programming puzzles to the archive.

Those people who have linked me as «Puzzlemaster» in the comments under the «source» section of that program are correct, I do do special compilation of these programs.

The reason for this is that some of these programs have not been updated in a long time, and some of the older ones were written as an experiment in the C language. This has been a great way for me to learn as many of the C functions as I can, and I also seem to learn different things about the underlying workings of a program every time I rewrite it.

I do have some programs in C already that I will start uploading, but as I’m sure you can guess, I’m nowhere near as fast as Kevin, so it will take a little while.

I just downloaded this program, and I can say that it’s an excellent program. I love the concept, and I’ve had some fun with it already.

Unfortunately, the problem is that the is a bug in the Visual Basic engine that gets triggered every time it brings up a new window. I’m willing to work on a fix, and when I do it, I will put it up to everybody.

I just needed a place to test the introduction of a new tool on my site, and I really liked the people who linked me, so I uploaded this program to my site. It

Alpha Decay Activation

The half-life of a nucleus can be customized.

All atoms decay, even stable ones.

Alpha Decay Serial Key is used to make elements lighter.

Pb 207 is generated as an alpha decay results in less mass.

Alpha Decay Tutorials:

Alpha decay tutorial;

Alpha decay tutorial 1;

Alpha decay tutorial 2;

Alpha Decay FAQ:

Alpha decay

Alpha decay occurs when atomic nuclei, with a mass of protons and neutrons, absorb a neutron and transform into another type of nucleus. All known isotopes of an element undergo the process of alpha decay. If an atomic nucleus has an atomic mass with less than 226 protons and neutrons, it will decay into an alpha particle and transform into a new element. Each time an isotope decays, the mass number of the atom is reduced by one. (Willis 1968) Alpha decay is the inverse of nuclear fission.

What is half-life?

The half-life of a nucleus is a measure of how long it will take for half of the particles in a quantity of matter to decay. The half-life of a nucleus of element A is the time in which half of a quantity of A atoms will decay.

What is the half-life of Polonium 211?

The half-life of Polonium 211 is the time in which half of a quantity of 211 atoms will decay. The half-life of Polonium 211 is 1.43 seconds.

What is the half-life of radium?

The half-life of Radium-226 is 7.3 years.

What is the half-life of bismuth?

The half-life of Bismuth-209 is 1.65 years.

What is the half-life of Krypton-85?

The half-life of Krypton-85 is 42.6 days.

Alpha decay tutorial 1:

Q: Could you explain the difference between Alpha decay and Beta decay?

Alphas are the positively charged particles emitted by a nucleus when it undergoes an Alpha decay. The beta particles are negatively charged particles emitted by a nucleus in an atomic transmutation.

Alpha decay tutorial 2:

Q: Could you explain more about the process of Alpha decay?

In a nucleus, the number of neutrons is one less than the number of protons. This

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Program that simulates alpha decay in a mass of Polonium 211.
Customization of half-life.
Scoring average half-life for a large number of atoms.
Individual atoms can be seen.
Can be used with the Nuclear Physics Package.

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What’s New In?

1. Split the Uranium isotope to 12 Polonium isotope and insert them into a mass of Oxide of Uranium, and position them into a glass cube.
2. Fill water into the cube to make 12N Uranium-238 atoms surround the Polonium atoms.
3. Allow the Uranium atoms to decay and release alpha particles.
4. Calculate the half-life of each Polonium atom.
5. Repeat in a new Cube.
Note: Video will be available on Android!
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In nuclear engineering, the fission (or «split») process is a nuclear reaction in which a uranium nucleus splits into two lighter nuclei called fission fragments. The term fission is also used to describe the splitting of a nucleus into two lighter nuclei called fission fragments, for instance in uranium fission, but it does not necessarily imply that the nucleus splits completely in two.
In the fission process, protons and neutrons escape from the core of the fissioning nucleus and are not absorbed by it. If fast neutrons have been produced in the fission process, they cause further fission by causing more protons and neutrons to escape, resulting in a chain reaction. The fission fragments usually consist of a mass of two or more nucleons, except that some fragments will consist of three or more nucleons, mostly three nucleons, or heavy nuclei with many nucleons.
U-235, or Uranium-235, is a naturally occurring element in uranium ore that is the fissile (or «splittable») isotope. In most circumstances, this isotope of uranium is the most useful uranium isotope for nuclear power. Most nuclear reactors using uranium are pressurized water reactors and do not, like the public-image-destroying light-water-cooled reactors, use natural uranium.
The fissile isotope U-235 also contains a proton as a particle inside the nucleus, which is not actually part of the nucleus. The proton is visible because the positively charged nucleus has a net positive charge. The removal of one of the two protons of U-235 makes U-238 a fermionic isotope. The other relatively heavy isotope U-238 is a bosonic isotope that contains an electron, which is different from the neutron-neutron, proton-proton or neutron-electron pairings. The

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