The AK Switch application was designed to make easier playback for those movies that have AC3 audio(Especialy for multi CD movies). The Switch has the ability to set the default channel number for AC3 audio playback.
Install AC3 filter codec:
– Copy, and reg.bat into WindowsSystem (WindowsSystem32 for 2k/XP)
– Than run reg.bat
– Restart
Now you can use Switch.exe to setup channel numbers for movies that have AC3 audio


Download ->->->-> DOWNLOAD

Download ->->->-> DOWNLOAD






AK Switch Crack+ With License Code For PC [April-2022]

«AK Switch is a small utility which allows you to play MPEG Audio files in any of the available audio channels.
– Press ALT + Del to start application
– Option Key – Set AC3 audio default channel number for each file
> Settings will be saved on exit
– Select file and press OK.
You will hear two beeps from the player.
It also has some interesting features:
– Apply Audio Track for DVD or VCD
– Apply Video Track for DVD or VCD
– Change default audio channel for each file
– Play movie in the desired audio channel
– Turn each movie to menu skipping
– Merge all video and audio tracks to a single one
– Skip to Chapter
– Quit
Features of Switch:
– Can set audio default channel for each audio file
– Video default channel for each video file
– Can see how many files in the list
– Supports DVD, VCD, CD and SPS files
– You can set Playback speed to 1/3 or 2/3 speed.
– It also allows you to set time length for the selected file. This feature is useful when you have a movie in which the audio and video length are not equal
– Supports Audio level.
– Display of video and audio default channel, file name and time length.
– Supports Audio Level control for each audio file
– Apply video track for DVD, VCD and SPS files
– Supports file in which audio and video track are not equal
– Can set audio default channel for each file
– Supports audio switch
– Enable audio default switch for DVD, VCD and SPS files
– Supports file in which audio and video time length are not equal
– Can set time length for selected video file
– Can set playback speed for each video file
– Supports changing video track for DVD, VCD and SPS files
– Can set length of videos
– Enable clip skipped mode for each file
– Can merge all audio and video tracks to a single one
– Supports chapter skipping for DVD, VCD and SPS files
– Can set video default channel for DVD, VCD and SPS files
– Supports CD and SPS files
– Merges all video and audio tracks to a single one
– Merges all audio and video files to a single one
– Audio default and video default change
– Can set time length for each file.
– More interesting and different features to be

AK Switch Crack+ Download

– AC3 filter codec.
– Set default channel number for AC3 audio
– Option to load channels that you have played in previous sessions.
– Operation mode: single or mutiple channel.
– Click on picture to launch AC3 filter codec
– The last channel number you play will be the default channel number.
– Click on picture to switch of the AC3 filter codec.

If you have the problem that you can not switch channels, please contact us.
On file from Peter Green,

You must not remove the copyright notice displayed anywhere on this page.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
I received this gift from my secret santa a while ago and finally get around to posting it today!

I am being moved to a new apartment soon and I’m excited to display this immediately. I was already planning on having art pieces on the walls.

I was in no way expecting this, so THANK YOU! It’s a perfect addition to my new surroundings, and I hope you get some use out of it as well.

Thank you!


I can’t thank my secret santa enough! He generously included a Moth Trap in the bottom of the box!!

Thank you!


He sent me a second package today!!

Thank you so much for these!! They are awesome!

I’m looking forward to creating more art with them!Q:

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AK Switch Crack + (April-2022)

1. From home page select the movie to Switch.
2. Go to Language->Setup.
3. Click audio to Setup Default Channel Number.
4. Finish and the next time the movie starts you will hear AC3 audio in the default channel.
Added the application language selection feature.
Added the application icon on the home page.
version 0.2 was released to public.
Added the application language selection feature.
Added the application icon on the home page.
version 0.2 was released to public.Q:

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I believe you want to make changes to the camera and have the rendering of the scene and camera update to match the view.
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What’s New In?

– New: FAST and easy to setup for YOU!!
– Works with most DVD players
– Tested with various DVD players & Media players
– Multiple DVD menu settings
– Play/Stop/Pause options
– Switch default DVD channel to match other Audio systems
– Ingenious auto-ac-positioning
– Stores settings per DVD menu (eg. NTSC and PAL)
– Save settings as configurations (eg. US, UK, Japan)
– Support direct DVD plays from VCD and SVCD as well as multi-CD DVD movies
– Support for direct DVD plays with DVD movies with AC3 audio

Virtual DVD System:
– Setup applications to watch multiple DVDs at same time
– Multi-language support
– Supports DVD Playback and Record
– Supports DVD menu settings in USB VCD player
– Supports multi DVD play
– Support for DVD movies with AC3 audio
– Supports programmable key display to change DVD menu settings
– Supports music playback of VCD files
– Auto detects sound card’s volume
– Supports titles of SCMSG files
– Supports subtitle of VGM files
– Supports multi language for menu texts
– Supports Internet play with DVD player
– Supports USB protocol with PC
– Supports DVD and CD dual play
– Supports JVC DVD player
– Supports AC3 VCD/SVCD play
– Supports SVCD DVD
– Supports VCD DVD
– Supports PC version
– Multiply supported
– Easy setting

– Use AC3 filter codec (Copy, and reg.bat into WindowsSystem (WindowsSystemk/XP)
– Than run reg.bat
– Restart
– Multiply DVD video play
– Can be used for double-DVD
– Supports 3D movie
– Supports AC3 audio
– Supports dual audio
– Supports music play
– Supports sub programing
– Supports return of playback
– Supports dual language
– Supports DVD menus
– Supports menu playback
– Supports xvid/divx/DVDA/DIVX/XVID/DTS audio

– Allows to record or save your movie (avi/mp4/dat/divx/mpeg, rm/ rmvb/ h.264/mp4)
– Can be used to record movies as well as audios

System Requirements:

-Windows 10
-Quad Core Intel or AMD processor (2.8 GHz+)
-20GB available space
-AMD RADEON 7870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
More Details:
Windows 10 game news:
Please note that it takes time