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Although Photoshop is terrific for editing images, it’s not the best tool for printing images.

In this chapter, I cover the basics of Photoshop. You find a full list of Photoshop applications in Chapter 10.

Becoming familiar with the interface

Photoshop’s window is divided into three distinct areas: the workspace, the tools, and the options.

The workspace contains the image that you’re editing, either with one of the tools that you apply over it or by painting directly with the Pen tool. The tools are the various brushes, filters, and lasso tools that you use in the workspace to manipulate your image. The options are the sliders, eyedroppers, and other Photoshop controls that enable you to modify the size of your image and its color balance.

In this chapter, I cover the basics for working with the Photoshop workspace. You also find help with selecting and moving objects around, working with layers, and making adjustments. I cover the tools in the next chapter. In the following sections, I explain the options and their uses.

Getting familiar with the tools

The tools section is divided into three areas: the tools, the layers panel, and the palette. The tools consist of the following:

Pen tool: The Pen tool is a very versatile tool that enables you to draw, paint, or do freehand designs.

Brush tools: The Brush tools enable you to work with the pixels in your image.

Hand tool: The Hand tool enables you to draw freehand shapes and objects.

Gradient tool: The Gradient tool enables you to make smooth transitions between colors.

Blur and Filter tools: The Blur and Filter tools enable you to modify your images by blurring them and by applying a filter (a custom contrast, color, or brightness adjustment) to your image.

Layer tools: The Layers tool enables you to apply, move, copy, and delete layers.

Eyedropper tool: The Eyedropper tool enables you to select colors and tones from your image. You can use it with the Brush tool, but you can also select a color with the Eyedropper tool and then apply it to the Brush tool.

Eraser: The Eraser tool enables you to delete pixels or objects from your image.

The Layers panel allows you to add, remove, or duplicate layers in your image. The palette is used to color-correct your image.

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Unlike Photoshop, Elements doesn’t include many of the effects included in Adobe’s professional programs, like much of the 3D tools. Elements users have to use third-party plug-ins to apply the effects they want.

The program is easy to use. You can open, select and manipulate images, adjust them, create new images from them, apply special effects and then output them to the screen or into a file.

Elements is primarily intended for casual users, and is not intended for professionals and graphic designers. It is a great tool for novice artists. You can find tutorials and tips online to help you learn how to use Elements.

Some common features include a built-in image editor, graphics editing, and image adjustment tools, so you can do basic image editing without the need for a third-party graphics software like Photoshop. Elements also includes a feature to create custom web buttons, called Flash Speed Button.

How to use Photoshop Elements 10?

All versions of Photoshop Elements are available as a free download.

Elements includes a built-in image editor, graphics editing and image adjustment tools. In addition, it includes a feature to create custom web buttons, called Flash Speed Button, that can be used to create buttons or images for your website.

Create new images

To create a new image in Elements, click the File menu, select New and then click OK.

In the New dialog box, you can choose to create a new photo, a new JPEG photo or a new PDF file. You can also enter a full URL to upload the image from the internet. You can also use the Photo Web page to find a stock image.

To create a new photo, click to open the Photo Web page. Select an image and click Download. You can also right-click a stock image from the web and choose Save as.

Images in Elements look different than in other programs. The elements are square-shaped, and most of the things you can do with Photoshop are not available in Elements.

You can rotate, flip, crop, resize and copy the image. You can also add text and apply special effects. You can change the color and the brightness and contrast of the image.

The image editor includes tools to create a variety of effects including lighting, sepia, monochrome, simi, starbursts, light and dark. You can also change the shadows and highlights of the

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CS6:

Requires a 2nd generation Intel Core i5, i7 or AMD Phenom (see box).
On Windows, installed with a minimum of 1GB RAM and 20GB of storage.
All versions of Windows support the Windows XP mode for backward compatibility.
Not compatible with Windows Vista.
System requirements for the Mac version can be found here.
Not compatible with Mac OS 10.6
To install on Windows, you must download and install an ISO of the Windows XP Mode driver from Microsoft’s website.