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* **To start a new image editing project**, choose File→New. From the New dialog box, choose File→Open. Then, navigate to the location where you saved your image in the previous exercises, and select the file. You will now see the file browser’s contents reflected in the New dialog box. Select the image file that you want to work on, and then click Open. Choose a name for the new file and its location in the Edit window. Click OK.

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What’s New in Photoshop Elements 12

Version 12 is the latest version of Adobe’s favourite photo editing app. Here’s what’s new in this latest version.

3D Photo Retouching

This feature makes it easy for you to add 3D looks to your images.

Smart Lookup and replacement

Other than removing red eye, this feature works like a charm by scanning your image and detecting the colour of the objects present in your photo.

Now you can quickly locate the colours of objects or any natural elements in a photograph and replace them with more suitable colours.

You will even find more ways to modify your photo in other versions of Photoshop elements.

The New Photoshop Elements 12 – Best Features

Creative Black & White Conversion

Easy-to-use, this feature lets you create a white and black-and-white version of your original picture.

You can even add a vintage look to your images. This tool is the best way to personalise your images in a way that will not leave a bad effect on the quality of your photographs.

The Features of Photoshop Elements 12

Most photographers use Photoshop to resize, edit, and retouch their photographs. Photoshop Elements 12 is a great and a solid alternative to this popular software. It is packed with features but is quite simple to use for all users and beginners. Let’s take a look at some of the features it offers

Vector Image editing

It is a lot easier to crop or resize images when you have the right tools. Photoshop Elements is a tool that lets you work with vectors and makes it easy to manipulate your digital photos. You can crop, alter, and design your images and even create new ones using this tool.

3D Retouching

3D photo retouching allows you to easily customize your images and improve their quality. Before choosing this software, make sure you familiarize with some basic tutorials that will help you create a better looking image.

You can use this tool to locate and mask areas in your images. You can either fix the image or replace it with the desired colour. Once you mask the image, you can use the paintbrush tool to edit the selected object.

You can also use the clone stamp tool to create and add various elements and effects to your photograph. You can even use the eraser tool to remove objects you don’t want.

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Debt Ceiling/Tax Fight: Obama Says He Supports Budget Deal, But What Does That Mean For The Economy?

Enlarge this image toggle caption Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images

After months of wrangling, the question of the budget has finally been settled: Republicans are willing to give President Obama — and the White House — what they want. They’ve agreed to raise the federal debt ceiling and merge the Bush-era tax cuts with unemployment insurance for two years. But when the three-month negotiating window closes, what happens next?

The decision, which will come shortly after the end of the month, is part of a larger question for many economists: What will this actually mean for the country’s fragile recovery?

The short answer is, everything will stay pretty much the same. But on the other side of things, there are more questions than answers.

How will the new taxes on upper-income earners and unemployment insurance affect consumer spending? (The answer: It’s hard to say.)

To economists, the new deal has a few positive aspects. The agreement restores roughly $3 trillion in spending cuts and suspends a scheduled increase in the federal borrowing limit for two years. That would enable the Treasury Department to pay off maturing bills without increasing the overall debt ceiling.

«The tax cut and the extension of unemployment insurance are key elements of the deal that will make a big difference in the economy, but they don’t do anything to address our long-term fiscal problems,» says Jennifer Steinhauer, an economist at the New School for Social Research.

But one crucial question is whether the new tax deal will spur consumer spending.

If you look at the last three decades, «the big story has been how consumers have spent their money,» says Richard DeKort, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. «The simple answer is they don’t necessarily save more than they spend.»

So, how might the $2.6 trillion deal affect consumer spending?

It depends on what you’re shopping for.

If you’re looking for a shiny new car, it looks like you’re getting a bigger payoff now. In March, the economy added a surprising 213,000 new jobs, its best result in more than a year. Along with the smaller federal budget, the result was a surge in demand for the auto industry and other sectors with a lot of leisure spending.

What’s New In?

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Peter: A little more soft pedal on the David’s Goliath-ness, if you can. [Jokes]

John: We’re in love with these guys. And then you add to that, like, for example, you’ve got a whole kit and kaboodle, everything you can think of, with what they’ve been able to do, you know, a lot of people started very early, starting with a mom and dad saying, “We’re going to play this sport.” And then they continue to push it and they continue to better it. And I think that’s how you get to that point with them.

Peter: And just as a fun little segue from the video that we played, you’ve got a ‘home-based video’ coming out.

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John: Oh, I love it. It feels good. I’m always amazed when I go to video and I talk to some of these guys out there and they’re really focused on this technology, this ability they have to reach people, what they think they can do. And just in different ways with different tools, with different gadgets, whatever you want to call it. It’s been amazing for me to see that many people out there like what we’re doing and how they use these things. It’s very gratifying, very gratifying, to see some of the things that we’ve been able to do. It’s kind of fun to see the technology in action.

Peter: And it seems like those tools are, like we say on the �

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