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You can get more advanced Photoshop skills by reading Photoshop user manuals and Adobe-published books about the program.

In this chapter, we take you through Photoshop basics. You learn how to create a blank document and work with layers. We then show you how to create and manipulate images with the Brush tool and the Brush panel. (We recommend that you hold off on working with the Ink tool because you don’t need that feature for your first attempts.)

We then move on to other tools, including the Pencil tool, which has many variations; the Type tool, which allows you to type on a document; and the History palette, which enables you to change your original image with the help of another file. (You can use the History palette to undo and redo your work.)

Finally, we cover special tools and effects, including adjustments with tools such as Levels and Curves, filters, corrections, and adjustments. We also include features that enable you to produce special effects that are widely used in the graphics and design communities.

Creating a Blank Image

Before you can start editing your images, you need to start with a simple, blank document. You can open a document in Photoshop that’s created using a template.

You can begin by creating a new file using Photoshop’s Blank New Document command. You can then create a new layer. After you create layers and apply various effects, you can save and open the file in Photoshop, where you can edit the image, save it as a new file, or export it to other programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, DreamWeaver, or Adobe Illustrator.

Photoshop CS2 adds a new command, New, Blank. This command helps you create a new document from scratch without using a template. You then create layers and apply effects and special effects to produce a basic document. Photoshop CS3 also includes a command, New, from Template. With the latter command, you choose a template file. After you save the file, you can create a new file by choosing that template and using New File.

You can create a new file with most of the other commands discussed in this chapter, including the File menu’s Open and Save As commands. You can create a new file on a new layer by choosing New Layer from the New submenu on the Layers panel or by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N (Shift+⌘-N on the Mac). You can choose the New Layer and Fill command on the Layer menu to

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It’s based on the same image editor and file formats that have been used for the past 35 years. Elements even supports the same commands as the professional version. However, you can still save many more files per project in Elements than the pro version.

In this article, we’ll walk through the basics of the tool. You’ll be able to edit images, create new high-quality images, duplicate images, crop images, change backgrounds, work with layers, and create cross-polaroid images.

In the end, you’ll understand how to edit and create images with the tool.

How to Use Photoshop Elements

Introducing Photoshop Elements Photo Editing

Welcome to the Photoshop Elements Photo Editor!

In this lesson, we’re going to work with some of the image editing features. To start, click on any of the icons in the sidebar to switch tools.

You can use all of the tools to find and edit photos, select sections of photos, delete unwanted sections, make selections, edit colors, combine multiple photos into one, add multiple brush effects, apply multiple filters to an image, and more.

There are the icons we’ll cover in this lesson:

– Bracketing Tool: Bracketing is a way to say, «Here’s what I want to shoot.» You’ll learn how to use the Bracketing Tool to shoot a series of pictures.

– Cropping Tool: The Cropping Tool removes unwanted parts of your photo. Learn to use the tool to crop unwanted parts of a photo.

– Fill: The Fill tool is used to change the colors and contrast of an image.

– Layers Panel: The Layers Panel is a great way to look at a photo to make it more organized, edit it more effectively, and apply more than one filter or effect to it at one time.

– Layer Masks: Layer Masks are a great way to see where you need to light a photo.

– Panorama Tool: The Panorama tool allows you to stitch multiple photos together to create a panorama.

– Paths Tool: With the Paths Tool, you can draw lines and shapes in an image or a photo. These paths can then be used to create interesting patterns or mask off parts of a photo.

– Perspective Grid: The Perspective Grid is an essential tool for taking the perfect photo.

– Photo Merge: You can merge several photos, or

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