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## **Wacom/Cintiq**

While the price of a Wacom graphics tablet is considerably higher than the price of an ordinary graphics tablet, the Wacom tablets offer more features and accessories than other companies. We recommend the Cintiq series of tablets because they also offer great image display options.

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Unlike the desktop version of Photoshop, Photo Elements is a Windows-only program. However, you can download the program for other platforms using the program’s website.

Although Photo Elements also contains Adobe’s Lightroom, a new version with a similar feature set and an easier user interface has been released for Windows. Photoshop Elements 2018 has been discontinued.

Photo Editor Features

Editing Images

In addition to standard image editing and canvas adjustment functions, Photo Elements includes a few tools that are geared toward editing photos.

Retouch features (smart objects, healing, clone stamp, spot healing)

Picture-in-picture tool

Stamp tool

Adding Multiple Layers

To insert multiple layers into a picture, you select layers that you want to add in your Picture window and drag them to the desired location.

You can also copy and paste any layer.

Duplicate layers

Layers and Paths

Picture Editor features that work with layers are:

Layers list

Layer mask

Vector layer


The most powerful aspect of the Photo Elements program is its layers. Photo layers are objects of different depths and shapes. To access them, you click the layers tab in the Layers window.

Armed with different options, you can use the tools to add or subtract layers.

Drawing Tools

Photo Elements has a set of drawing tools similar to some of the Illustrator tools.

The Paint Bucket tool is similar to the Brush tool.

The Eraser tool is similar to the Blob Brush tool.

The Pen tool is similar to the Brush tool.

The Line tool can be used to draw shapes in a similar way to Illustrator.

Painting Tools

The Painting tools in Photo Elements are more restricted than the tools available in Illustrator.

The Brush tool is similar to the tool in Illustrator, as well as the Paint Bucket tool.

The Brush tool has its own settings, including the Paint Brush settings and more.

The Pen tool uses the same Pen settings as the Brush tool.

You can use the Paint Bucket tool to paint with a specific color.

The Eraser tool cannot be used to create a path, as the tool can be used to remove the color of an object in addition to erasing the object.

Brush Settings

You can

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System Requirements:

1. Vista, 7, 8, or 10 64-bit OS
2. Minimum DirectX 9.0c
3. 2GB free memory
4. 5GB HDD
5. 24.0GB Video Memory
6. 2 monitors with D3D8 (or higher)
7. More than 6 gigs of system RAM (32-bit system will not be able to use more than 3.5GB)
8. Minimum 1 giga of RAM
9. 1024×768 resolution
10. CD-ROM