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Re: List troubles? Or is it just me? There are many lists on Orkut as effectively for instance the «crush list» in which you can incorporate the people today you are crushing on, the «hot list» lets you incorporate people today you imagine are incredibly hot and the overlook listing contains the names of these you do not want to be bothered with. Yeah, I believe there are a great deal of major tech businesses that have kind of like great alignment with open up science and open resource. Re: Flesh: what is it great for? Re: How Atheism Helped Me. Chris Hind – Re: How Atheism Helped Me. Re: What is Intelligence? Re: On becoming Extropian Anders Sandberg Re: If it is not AI, Nano, or Uploading Extropians Ignore it. Re: neurophone Dr. Jim Stevenson If it is not AI, Nano, or Uploading Extropians Ignore it. Richard MacKinnon Re: ! H Fwd: Breakthrough as Scientists Beat Gravity Chris Hind Re: Flesh: what is it good for? You will not constantly be able to have the hour or much more that would do you the most great and be the most pleasant, but you can uncover even a few minutes snatched from a occupied working day will refresh you.

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